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My Mom came up to the barn tonight to meet Jax.  Brought his two pasturemates in first (he’s always lagging behind), and what to my wondering eyes should appear – Jax, at a trot, and he trotted all the way in to me!  And let me hook up his halter, no problem at all!

He was even checking out my Mom, curious, if a bit shy.  Let her scratch his head through the bars of the stall, and went back for more, too!  Still isn’t interested in carrots, apples, or treats, but cleans his food up and loves his hay.  He was the most relaxed I’ve seen him, actually starting to doze off with me standing in his stall with him!

Miss Dakota, on the other hand…is not happy that Jax is currently occupying her stall, and was quite cranky – until she ate.  My Mom gave her some treats and fussed over her a bit too.  And then she decided to show me she was a bit perturbed about the new addition.  I’d put her in the indoor ring to eat and to see my Mom.  When I swung the door open to bring her back outside, she pushed it shut.  With her nose.  Twice.


Too funny.  That’s my mare…


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