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Dakota’s BabyDaddy

OK, so when we decided to breed Dakota, the first question was what to look for in a potential stallion.  I was hoping for a foal who would be a little lighter than Dakota, but keep her temperament. 

Dakota’s a full Belgian Draft, and though she’s great to ride (it’s a bit like riding a couch), she’s not the most athletic creature.  OK, I did take her over a very small cross rail which she apparently decided needed about three or four feet of clearance….when she jumps, she jumps BIG.  That being said, something a little lighter seemed in order.

But where do you find a stallion?  I decided to start simple, and headed over to Equine.com.  That worked pretty well, and I saw lots of possibilities.

Next step, live breeding, frozen, or cooled?  I decided to go with Artificial Insemination. 

Great.  Those two questions out of the way, I started browsing.  Came across some really handsome stallions.  My trainer had told me to look for something with a long neck to thin Dakota’s out a little bit (she has a huge, thick neck).  I got things narrowed down to a couple of Friesians, a Hanoverian, and a beautiful chestnut warmblood. 

Sharing the options with my trainer and the owner of the barn where Dakota is boarded, I discovered that we all came up with the same final choice – the Belgian Warmblood.

He was absolutely gorgeous, and had beautiful movement.  He also had sired some really knockout foals.  His name was Gran Casso, and within short order, we had decided to contact Split Mesquite Farm to inquire about booking.

Gran Casso (photo used with permission)
Gran Casso free-jumping (photo used with permission)

In short order, we had booked for breeding in 2011.  Dakota would be bred to Gran Casso for a 2012 foal.


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