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OK, all the essentials have arrived, Jax’s food is in a brand-ee new container in the feed room, adoption agreement is signed….

The round pen at the barn is getting gussied-up (grass is a little long, so we’re counting on the resident goat to help out) so that I can begin working with Jax in there.

A little nervous, actually, in that Christmas Eve sort of way.  Hoping everything goes smoothly Tuesday, and that he takes to his new place.  Hoping the transition isn’t too hard on Sir Richard, too, who’s had a bit of a rough week.  I’m sure it’ll be a bit rough on all the folks at GAA, since Jax is a special little guy, and everyone there loves him.

Couple of great photos Gerda posted over at GAA’s Facebook page:

Peek-a-boo, Jax!

Jax and Sir Richard enjoying their grain.

And now all there is to do is wait…keep your fingers crossed, and good thoughts for a safe and smooth trip up to VT and home.


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OK, I have all of the immediate needs taken care of:

1.  Rope halter with lead for training work

2.  Mare and Foal feed

3.  Irresistably cute apple ribbon polo wraps

4.  Stall name plaque

5.  Shipping boots

OMG, this is seriously like having a baby.  Given all of the gear I’ve accumulated for Dakota over the last few years…be afraid.   Be very afraid.


Poor Sir Richard, Jax’s dad, had a really rough day yesterday.  The farrier and the vet were there to do his feet, and the proud, largely unhandled, newly gelded guy freaked, despite sedation.  They were able to address a badly cracked hoof, but that’s it.


Gerda’s Animal Aid is now strategizing for the best way to address his training needs.  I know they’re going to get him the best help they can, but I’m sure it’s going to be expensive for them.


If you would like to donate to a good cause, please consider helping them with their work.

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