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Started the day with vaccines today. By and large, no problem.  Jax was more concerned about the fly spray.

Dakota was a bit fussier. Not naughty; just has been a little needle-shy since all the injections during our breeding attempts last year. And HATES the Strangles vaccine, which goes up her nose. Good news is, just like last year, she blew it all over me, so looks like I won’t get Strangles either.

AND…Jax took treats! Woohoo! Finally found one he likes. Broke it into small pieces (we’ve been adding little bits to his food to get him used to the taste), and today he took a few from my hand.

We’ve also been getting used to the Jolly Mega Ball. Not afraid of it at all; just not sure what to do with it.


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OK, I have all of the immediate needs taken care of:

1.  Rope halter with lead for training work

2.  Mare and Foal feed

3.  Irresistably cute apple ribbon polo wraps

4.  Stall name plaque

5.  Shipping boots

OMG, this is seriously like having a baby.  Given all of the gear I’ve accumulated for Dakota over the last few years…be afraid.   Be very afraid.


Poor Sir Richard, Jax’s dad, had a really rough day yesterday.  The farrier and the vet were there to do his feet, and the proud, largely unhandled, newly gelded guy freaked, despite sedation.  They were able to address a badly cracked hoof, but that’s it.


Gerda’s Animal Aid is now strategizing for the best way to address his training needs.  I know they’re going to get him the best help they can, but I’m sure it’s going to be expensive for them.


If you would like to donate to a good cause, please consider helping them with their work.

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