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‘Tis the (burdock) Season

There’s a reason “burr” is a four-letter word.

Dakota has had several new burr-inspired hairdos this month, the latest being today.

This is why I bought this today.  At least Dakota wasn’t as bad as another mare at the barn – she was more burr than forelock (and mane, and tail).  Diane (another boarder) and I managed to get all of the burrs out of her mane and forelock, and most out of her tail (thank you, M-T-G), and the mare was really well behaved.  I was impressed.

All the mares were in rare form today, cranky and just odd.  Many are in heat.  Fortunately, Dakota’s pretty even-tempered, so she was pretty much just herself.

And, foreshadowing things to come, the wind was rattling the barn, and it was distinctly chilly up on the hill.

Winter is starting to get ready.


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