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Dakota and her pasturemate in the run-in

Took this picture a while ago, looking into the barn from Dakota’s pasture.  See that bent gate?  Yeahhh…somebody did that last year when the hay rounds were nearby and she wanted to eat one.  Kept leaning forward on the gate until she bent it juuuuussssttt enough to reach.  Then she ate half a hay round.  Took this photo the day we installed the new gate.  Now there’s an electric fence across the top. 


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Take Two:

The vet “short-cycled” Dakota a couple of weeks ago for attempt number two.  Short cycling with horses means the vet gives them prostaglandin, which basically tricks the system into going into estrus more quickly – i.e., right back into heat for you, horsie.

So, we give the shot, vet comes out last Monday, we plan to breed for Wednesday, get the shipment, vet comes back, and in defiance of all natural laws….my horse ovulated the day before.

Missed it.  Can’t breed.

To say that I was disappointed is a distinct understatement.  But it happens.  Took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to do.  Talking with the woman who is going to co-own the foal with me, we came to the conclusion that we would give things one more shot – only this time, Miss Dakota is going for a ride to the vet’s farm.  She’ll be moving out there this weekend, with a planned short-cycle and breeding the week after. 

If the breeding doesn’t take this time, I’m done for at least this year, and likely permanently, since I don’t want to risk overtaxing her system.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Think happy thoughts…think happy thoughts…think happy thoughts…

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Round Two

The vet came Friday, and gave Dakota an injection to induce estrus.  Fancy way of saying she had insta-period, complete with cramping, etc.  I was not there, but I was told that she was not amused.  My riding instructor was there, and texted me to tell me she was not particularly well-behaved for the shot.  She has been a little tweaky about injections lately, after the week she had a shot a day.  I’m not surprised.  And come on, she had her entire period in about 15 minutes.  No wonder she was cranky!

Anyway, we are looking to breed her again next week.  The plan is two inseminations, the second  a couple of days after the first.  I should have more news towards the end of the week. 

Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

This morning, we had a nice, leisurely ride on what was a beautiful day, with the new bridle I bought from Shipshewana Harness.  Nice folks.  I had originally ordered their XL draft size – but Dakota has a REALLY large head, and it didn’t fit.  Shipped it back and they made me a new one specifically to her measurements.  Fits beautifully, and was a good price to boot.  Thanks Shipshewana!

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